Why I Became a Partner in B2BCFO®

Last summer I was looking at my options.  For the past fifteen years I had been providing consulting services, in the form of ERP implementations and Interim CFO services.  Much of this time I owned my own company.  I had recently closed my ERP value added reseller business due to the down economy (it’s hard to maintain a business where monthly revenue declines by 80% over a four month period) and was looking for something I’d enjoy and that would give me the satisfaction and independence I was looking to attain.

I looked at many different alternatives, including: sole practitioner, joining a large firm, alternatives in the ERP field and finally came upon B2BCFO®.  I was talking about my quest with a very good friend and he asked if I had looked at B2BCFO® and suggested I contact one of the partners.  I spent countless hours investigating the firm, its’ partners and  its’ reputation.  I also talked to about 20 current partners.  What I found was an organization that had been around since 1987, had partners in 39 states and a formula for success that was unparalleled.  I looked at other firms that offer part time CFO services and none of them compared to B2BCFO®.  They didn’t appear to have the communication network, corporate community or the resources that helps make B2BCFO® a success.

I had worked as an interim CFO over my career, but had never approached it in the manner that B2BCFO® does.  By providing part time CFO services we are able to work with several customers at the same time.  Most small to mid-sized companies cannot afford to have a full time CFO, but the need for a person of CFO caliber is still present.  While doing ERP implementations I was always amazed at the lack of financial expertise in the low end of the market.  B2BCFO® fills this need in a way that is economical for the client and provides a challenge for the partners.

So far I’m very happy with the decision to join and am looking forward to the annual partner’s meeting at the end of the month so I can meet many of the people I deal with in the firm.

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