What’s all This Blogging Stuff?

What’s all this blogging stuff?      

If a tree falls in the forest, how will a CPA record it?


What have I been doing?  It’s a fair question I’ve been focused on maintaining a blog, of sorts.  I find my clients aren’t unique, but they are experiencing common problems.  They need some reminders of things they can do that will increase their company’s success.  So, as a summary, below are some brief summaries of what’s been on my mind.

SWOT This, New Year, New Review

SWOT is a valuable tool that can help management evaluate where they are going for this year.  Remember if you aren’t doing a SWOT for your business, you have a large Weakness and giving your competitor a large Opportunity.  Here’s a brief listing of the postings


CPA vs. CFO, What’s the Real Difference?

Successful companies have both.  Do you?  This series explains how to use both your CPA and CFO. You need both.  It doesn’t matter the size of your company, a CFO can help you grow the company – either through sales or profits, preferably both.   Want more info?  Read these posts-


Does “Despicable Me” Describe Your Banker?

I’ve found many business owners think they have a great relationship with their bank and/or banker.  The problem is … they don’t.  More owners than you would think don’t use banks effectively and when they try, they feel they are treated like second class customers – because that’s what they are.  This series helps you understand what a banker is looking for and how you can help them.  And by helping them you are helping yourself because you have to have a bank to grow your business.  Want more info – read these posts:

I Bring Financial Knowledge, Provide Financial Training and GenerateFinancial Stability

I am fluent in “financialspeak” and can translate your monthly numbers into strategies for future success.  I take companies to a higher level of success

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