Cam McConnell

Palos Verdes Estates, CA
48 Years of Experience

About Cam McConnell

Cam is a B2B CFO® trusted business advisor. He is trained in B2B CFO®’S Unique Process, including his Certification as a Business Transition Expert™.

His training has equipped him with the unique process necessary to help business owners remove barriers that interfere with their continued business success and transition.

Cam had to qualify to become a B2B CFO® Partner. He was required to have the necessary professional talent and experience to be selected.

First, Cam was an accomplished CPA at KPMG specializing in international banking. Then, he became an international banking director at Wells Fargo Bank.

Cam was later recruited by a Fortune 500 Business to direct their Mergers & Acquisitions Program. Afterward, he was promoted to restructure and restore the world’s largest aerospace business. This business had many barriers blocking its ability to return to sustained profitability. Cam, with his management team, removed the barriers and restored the business to sustained profitability as a world leader, servicing the aerospace industry. The Junior Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles chose Cam as their Executive of the Year, to honor Cam and his management team for their restoration of this business.

After this accomplishment, Cam choose to become a trusted business advisor to family-owned businesses. He has helped hundreds of business owners to remove barriers in their businesses to obtain sustained profitability. Many of Cam’s clients’ EBITA have increased using B2B CFO®’s unique process. For example, $500 thousand dollars annually to $3 million dollars EBITDA for their next twelve month period.  

Cam has also helped business owners to be positioned to consider various options for a business transition.  For example: selling to a strategic buyer, transferring the business to the next generation, a family buyout, selling to a private equity group or possibly implementing an ESOP.

Cam’s experience is in the following industries;

  • Aerospace
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail-wholesale distribution
  • Construction
  • Franchising
  • Printing
  • Food processing
  • Entertainment

Other Info


  • University of Southern California Graduate School, Management Policy Institute.
  • California State University, Long Beach, B.S. Accounting

Certificates & Licenses:
Chosen as Executive of the Year by the Jr. Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles


  • Fiduciary Round Table/Pasadena, California
  • Lake Avenue Foundation/ Pasadena, California

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