Cam McConnell

Palos Verdes Estates, CA
48 Years of Experience

About Cam McConnell

As a partner with B2B CFO®, our nation’s largest provider of strategic CFO services, I am well equipped to meet your financial services, including succession and exit plans, for business owners.

Through application of the B2B process, clients are guided toward a new perspective that leads to transformative business changes. These new operational approaches result in:

  • Development of new succession or exit plans
  • Increased profitability
  • Increased capital

Your success is my goal and my professional reward.

To date, over 400 clients have trusted me to help them reshape their perspectives. When I assist you with your financial service requirements, your new succession plan or exit plan will create a strong financial legacy for the benefit of future generations.

When advising clients in the past, I applied a methodology that today I find to be positively aligned with B2BCFO Game Plan Interview and GAP Analysis. That is why I am pleased to offer the B2B methodology, combined with my expertise, to prospective clients.

Perhaps the success story of one past client will illustrate the value to you of a new business perspective and approach.

A prospective client disclosed that pretax profits were insufficient to fund a planned expansion. At that time, with equity at $10 million, a pretax profit return of 10% of equity should have realized $1 million pretax profits, but the company’s pretax profit earnings were far less than that.

The subsequent analysis provided to this firm included an analysis of company performance. That analysis brought to the surface the realization that the company was performing at a level that was well below industry peers.

Based on this new understanding, the client invited me to assist the business owners in building an expansion plan that was both sustainable and profitable, which resulted in the business earning $6 million in pretax profits over the next twelve month period.

In subsequent years, this continued process led to sale of the company for $1.3 billion in cash. With the sale proceeds, the business owners created a trust dedicated to the future generations of their families.

Based upon B2B Discovery Analysis, a complimentary service, it is possible to develop a new business perspective for you that can lead to development of new company strategies and financial growth for business operations – both today and for future generations.

Please contact me today about your complimentary Discovery Analysis. I look forward to the opportunity of performing this service for your business.

Other Info


  • University of Southern California Graduate School, Management Policy Institute.
  • California State University, Long Beach, B.S. Accounting

Certificates & Licenses:
Chosen as Executive of the Year by the Jr. Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles


  • Fiduciary Round Table/Pasadena, California
  • Lake Avenue Foundation/ Pasadena, California

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