PC Fit

Santa Ana’s Child Guidance Center operates a program called Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT). The PCIT Program is a 14-16 week, evidence-based, live coaching, early-intervention that strengthens the parent-child bond and provides highly consistent, appropriate, and effective parenting strategies. Observing from behind a one-way mirror, a PCIT therapist coaches the parent through a wireless earphone on how to better communicate, relate to, and manage their child’s behavior. Parents learn and practice these skills with their child until they achieve mastery.
Child Guidance Center is collaborating with Dr. Patricia Riba to develop a new curriculum based on the PCIT model that addresses the psychology of feeding children. Working together, the Pediatrician, Registered Dietitian, and Psychologist coach parents in healthy eating practices. This original program is called Parent-Child Feeding Interaction Therapy, or PC-Fit.


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