Every Company Can Now Afford a CFO

At B2B CFO®, we think all companies should have access to a seasoned CFO. Our firm was founded 26 years ago and is now the world’s largest CFO consulting company. B2B has over 200 seasoned CFOs. We have at our disposal over 5,000 years of experience that can solve almost any problem.

B2B CFO® is committed to building a long-term practice with a portfolio of satisfied clients.  In addition, we bring a wealth of business contacts that can help your business with specific needs.  We genuinely care about our client’s success and we want each and every one of our clients to achieve a higher level of success.

What makes us unique is that we offer a long-term CFO solution on an as needed basis, rather than a short-term, full-time solution.  We serve the small and medium sized privately held companies under $100 million in sales.  We typically manage a portfolio of 6 to 10 clients and budget our time as needed. So, we never neglect you, when you have a need – we will be there.

Whereas, an interim or part-time CFO, performs various duties and functioning as an employee not as a consultant over an extended period of time.  As a result, these firms are more likely to try to tie a client down with extensive contracts, penalty clauses and other commitments.  Over time, there is a danger that the business objectives are no longer aligned to the contractual commitments – leading to inevitable conflict.

Our approach is different.  We don’t work on a contract that may tie you down. Should a B2B Partner stop offering value, then you can dismiss them at no cost. If you need to cut back their time – not a problem and you can call them after hours, because we make house calls.

B2B is very transparent about fees.  We perform a “free” Discovery analysis. This serves several purposes; it identifies areas that need attention and helps us provide a realistic fee proposal.  Our approach provides you with flexibility and control to either accelerate or slow down work as you see fit.  We never have cancellation, or hidden fees, or transition fees.  We will even help you hire a full time CFO/Controller if and when the time comes.

Give us a call and see what a B2B CFO Partner can do for your business.

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