Don Stevens on The Burt Williamson Show – June 30, 2018, 10:30 am PDT

Thousand Oaks, CA – Out of 20 million privately held companies that exist in the United States today, only 15,755 managed to successfully transfer ownership in 2017 according to Jerry Mills founder of B2B CFO®.  What makes selling a business so challenging in today’s environment and what will 2018 look like?


On June 30th, B2B CFO’s California based Partner, Donald Stevens, will be weighing in on the topic of profitable growth and business transitions with Certified Financial Planner Burt Williamson. The show, sponsored by PlanPrep, LLC, airs on Saturday morning at 10:30 a.m. Pacific time on 98.3 FM KDAR radio. Listeners outside of the broadcast area can tune in ( or check for the podcast of the broadcast in early July.


B2B CFO®, a national firm that serves owners of privately held companies with CFO consulting and business transition services, recently launched “The Business Sales Solution” seminar series with the intent to educate business owners about the hidden dangers and risks involved in selling or acquiring a company.


During the show, Donald Stevens will discuss resolving barriers to growth and answer timely questions including: (1) What is the #1 concern that business owners share about selling their business? (2) What type of buyer is best for the sale of your business? (3) What is needed to get past the possible deal-killers for your business?


B2B CFO is the nation’s largest firm dedicated to serving privately held companies with CFO consulting and business transition services and has recently been named to the 2018 Forbes’ Small Giants List.




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