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Your Financial Systems Need a Checkup

There are 7 deadly Financial Diseases that limit your business’s potential. On one side of the scale your financial systems can be a burden. On the other side it can provide your business with a unique competitive advantage. Your financial systems should be an organizational asset not a liability. If they are not, then I… Read more »

7 Deadly Financial Diseases

Introduction to the 7 Deadly Financial Diseases. The proper design and effective management of an organization’s financial systems are essential to the success of every business. Unfortunately, many small business owners are unaware on how strategically important financial management is to their business performance. Additionally, too few understand that a business’s financial acumen can provide a… Read more »

Every Company Can Now Afford a CFO

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At B2B CFO®, we think all companies should have access to a seasoned CFO. Our firm was founded 26 years ago and is now the world’s largest CFO consulting company. B2B has over 200 seasoned CFOs. We have at our disposal over 5,000 years of experience that can solve almost any problem. B2B CFO® is… Read more »

Challenges Facing Small Businesses

Gallup recently polled small business owners on their top issues. In order of importance the top five were: 1) Taxes, 2) Health Care, 3) Cash and its Availability, 4) Regulations and 5) Human Capital. Let’s admit it, larger competitors have a built in advantage with the first four issues, due to their economies of scale. For… Read more »


The Awesome Beauty and Power of Budgeting                                                                       I would like to share my views on the awesome beauty and power of a properly managed budget process and the value creating potential inherent in this much misaligned core organizational process. Around this time of year, most organizations are wrapping up the past year-end results and finalizing their plans for the… Read more »