Growth Influenza

Close Up Of Influenza Vaccine

Financial Disease #7 Growth Influenza better known as the flu. This flu and its complications can be deadly in severe cases. Organization that have grown, but have not properly anticipated growth’s impact on the infrastructure can become very susceptible to aggressive viral attacks. Rapid growth overwhelms the in place systems and makes them more susceptible… Read more »

Economic Scurvy

Financial Disease #6 The last economic storm may have left you feeling like a small boat on a vast ocean with no help in sight. Many small businesses did not survive. Others never fully recovered. When the next financial storm rolls across the landscape, what would you do this time? The economy can change in… Read more »

Budgeting Retinal Detachment

Financial Disease #5 Budgeting Retinal Detachment disease is due to a lack of formal planning and budgeting, which results in diminishing organizational clarity, direction and sight.  While painless – visually this has a clouding effect that has been likened to a gray curtain moving across the field of vision. This condition separates the organizational goals from… Read more »

Control Hepatitis

Financial Disease # 4 This is the 4th blog in a seven part series regarding common financial issues. In this series I have coupled a common known disease with a common financial issue. In three previous blogs, I discussed Cash Hemorrhaging, Financial Ebola and Costing Dyslexia. This week, I will share Financial Disease #4 Control… Read more »

When should business owners start planning for their exit?

My typical answer is yesterday! Especially given the fact, all business owners at some point in time will transition out of their business. Some of these transitions will be orderly and well planned. However, all too often many of these transitions will be poorly planned or be triggered by an unexpected event which leads to… Read more »