The Monotonous Machine – Part 1

When accounting is done right, it should be boring. The expectation of most people outside of accounting (and administration) is that things should be done right. Paychecks must be accurate, financial statements must be free of mistakes, vendors must be paid on time, documents must not get lost, procedures must be followed, reports must be… Read more »

What cloud do you want for your ERP?

There has been a great deal of talk lately about “The Cloud”, but what is the cloud.  In loose terms the cloud is any system that is accessed from an offsite location (the user has no hardware requirement.)  Using this definition a hosted solution, where you own the software would be cloud based.  A system… Read more »

JEOne for SAP Business One

One of the most useful add-ons I’ve seen in a while for SAP Business One is JEOne.  It’s a simple utility that is used to import Journal Entries directly into SAP Business One directly from Excel.  Makes the month-end process a breeze and eliminates double entering all the information.  Check it out at Octave Solutions.