A Little Background

In 1987 I moved to Chino Hills.  Back then the closest food outlet was the local golf course concession stand.  There was lot of open fields, cows and wildlife.  It was not unusual for our garbage to be raided by the local raccoon or possum.  Our kids were in the first graduating classes of the local schools, it was exciting to be on the ground level of many different things.  We were only one of many families moving in so there were many kids the same ages as ours.  There were lots of things to do.

About the same time we moved here I became involved with the California Society of CPAs or Cal CPA.  I involved myself with the local chapter and met fellow CPAs, most in public practice.  I had left public practice to be a CFO in industry.  When I first joined the chapter, we had trouble filling leadership positions to make the chapter run effectively.

The Inland Empire has grown.  Grocery stores are now plentiful.  We have many schools where there was only one or two. The Inland Empire chapter of CalCPA has many members in the Inland Empire and is one of the fastest growing chapters in the state.  The growth is exploding.  I the Inland Empire has tremendous potential.  New business are opening every day.

For over 20 years I have been employed as a CFO or the head accounting person of the company.  But in all these years, I have eventually become a little bored and longed for the variety of meeting different people and learning about other companies and what makes them successful.  My hesitation to go out on my own has always been that I’m not a “people person” and it has been hard for me to meet new people.

So why go now?  A friend suggested that I would be good at it and he suggested B2B CFO.  So after some investigation I found that I am not going out on my own.  B2B has the training to help me develop the skills I need to be successful.  I am a partner with 220+ professionals that have very broad experience that I can call on for support and suggestions.  They have a well know name that is respected in the business community.  And most of all, B2B CFO has not been represented in the Inland Empire.

So I’m excited about the opportunity to serve in both the Inland Empire and B2B CFO.

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