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Guard Against “Gold Fever”.

Selling your business is serious business.  Too many owners’ catch “Gold Fever” during the process.  It comes in various shapes and sizes.  It impact a business owner’s judgement and takes them down costly paths:

  • Negotiating with a one-off buyer that says he really likes your business and will pay a premium;
  • Structuring a deal without factoring in the taxes;
  • Hiring an investment banker not experienced in selling businesses in your industry, but very experienced in telling sellers what they want to hear;
  • Looking for the quick way out based on advice from the “cocktail circuit” which often times leads to the one-off buyer or a failed deal;
  • Failing to properly prep your business for sale;
  • Thinking you can do it all yourself; or
  • Not conducting the entire sale process in a well managed and planned out manner, including skipping key elements in preparing the business for sale.

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