Month: September 2014

Fifty Percent of Startups Fail

The majority of start-ups go out of business within five years and two thirds are no longer operating ten years after being formed. Most failures are attributable to the following six reasons.      Inadequate Planning leading to Not Enough Sales or Poor Execution coupled with Insufficient Capital overseen by Unfocused Management with an absence… Read more »

Regulations Cost $35k per Employee

Dollar Sign Crisis Sign

Stop the insanity: Federal regulations cost Small Manufactures $35k per employee. By Chad Moutray the chief economist at the National Association of Manufacturers. Published September 10, 2014 Manufacturing leaders, like many other Americans, have been frustrated with the slow pace of growth so far this year, particularly in the first quarter. In the NAM’s most recent… Read more »

B2B Exit Software Nominated For 2014 Small Business Influencer Awards – Vote Now

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   B2B Exit Software Nominated For 2014 Small Business Influencer Awards Voting Period Ends September 15th   “We are so proud of our new software and see it as a true game changer for the small and mid-size business industry,” said Jerry L. Mills.  “We are very pleased to be among the nominees this year… Read more »

Growth Influenza

Close Up Of Influenza Vaccine

Financial Disease #7 Growth Influenza better known as the flu. This flu and its complications can be deadly in severe cases. Organization that have grown, but have not properly anticipated growth’s impact on the infrastructure can become very susceptible to aggressive viral attacks. Rapid growth overwhelms the in place systems and makes them more susceptible… Read more »