Month: April 2014

What’s all This Blogging Stuff?

What’s all this blogging stuff?       If a tree falls in the forest, how will a CPA record it?   What have I been doing?  It’s a fair question I’ve been focused on maintaining a blog, of sorts.  I find my clients aren’t unique, but they are experiencing common problems.  They need some reminders of things… Read more »

Bankers Need Constant Care and Feeding

Keep your banker in the loop on new product developments, revenue forecasts and improvements in market share to keep them a champion of your business. This is the last post in a 4-part series covering the business owners need for a loan to cover short-term cash flow needs. To read the whole series in order,… Read more »

I’m Just Asking for a Short-term Business Loan — Why All the Questions?

Sometimes trying to get a loan to smooth out your cash flow feels like an interrogation when you aren’t prepared to handle the questions posed by your banker. I’ve covered a typical, unprepared business owner’s trip to their bank to initiate a discussion on getting a loan in our first post  in this series. Now I… Read more »

Does “Despicable Me” Describe Your Banker?

It does if you repeatedly accept commercial banking mysterious service or worse, allowed absentee accounting turn your banking relationship to “friendship” status. I will be covering a 4-part series of articles about how to successfully make the business owner’s request for a loan from their banker—the expectations, misconceptions and revelations of the whole process. Imagine… Read more »