Month: October 2012


What’s going to happen in January if Congress doesn’t act on the tax changes scheduled in January.  Among the articles being published I received what I thought was a quick summary.  The link is: If Congress doesn’t act 9 of 10 Americans would see an average  increase $3,500.   For the middle income household, the one… Read more »

A Little Background

In 1987 I moved to Chino Hills.  Back then the closest food outlet was the local golf course concession stand.  There was lot of open fields, cows and wildlife.  It was not unusual for our garbage to be raided by the local raccoon or possum.  Our kids were in the first graduating classes of the… Read more »

Anaheim police union worker charged with taking more than $360,000

The Anaheim police union could have avoided this alleged embezzlement if they had proper business controls in place.  One thing that most business owners learn is that they must have proper business controls in place in order to protect employees from themselves.  This may sound jaded, but there are many examples of good people falling… Read more »