Month: February 2011

Fraud and Trust

Trust in others is something that we naturally desire. It is critical for things to work properly and there is a great sense of satisfaction in a mutually trusting and productive relationship. But it is also a natural desire for humans to be safe. So by putting the proper boundaries and controls in place, we can have the safety we want and need and also be able to enjoy the full value of a trusted relationship.

Jack and the Surfrepreneur's Budget

A Southern California Guide to Budgeting (Links provided for translation purposes) What, budget? Whatever. You cubular hoadads do what you need to do, as for me…grab board, hit beach, shoot e-curls. Okay you SoCal surfrepreneurs consider this while you’re waiting for your Alchemy Hour; Mark McCormack, in his book, “What they don’t teach you in… Read more »

PC Fit

Santa Ana’s Child Guidance Center operates a program called Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT). The PCIT Program is a 14-16 week, evidence-based, live coaching, early-intervention that strengthens the parent-child bond and provides highly consistent, appropriate, and effective parenting strategies. Observing from behind a one-way mirror, a PCIT therapist coaches the parent through a wireless earphone on… Read more »